Ask a Developer - Interview by Bill Harris

Prior to the release of Flipped Off! on October 20th, I was interviewed by Bill Harris of Dubious Quality in a segment called "Ask a Developer". I spoke to Bill about the game, my influences, and my process.

Read part one of the interview here: Ask a Developer (Garret Rempel, part one), the second part of the interview will be posted tomorrow.

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Tricorn Games Calendar Updated

Tricorn Games Calendar Updated

The Tricorn Games calendar for the end of the year has been updated with the following dates:

September 2016

September 16th - End of Flipped Off! Playtest signup.

September 25th - End of Flipped Off! Playtest period.

October 2016

October 14th - Final Flipped Off! product review and preparation.

October 20th - Flipped Off! release date (Print & Play edition)

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