Flipped Off! Playtest Release 3 Now Available & Updated Rules

Playtest Release 3 is now available to all registered playtesters. Release 3 includes the following changes:

  • Language has been modified on cards and in instructions to replace "Active" and "Inactive" minions with "Frontline" and "Reserve".
  • Attacking procedure language has been clarified to explain interaction & effects between Attacker, Target, and any additional Targets when a cascade occurs.
  • Pirate effect icons have been improved to better distinguish between "more" and "fewer" sides from across the table.
  • Fixed the single-sided Robot Alpha (The R2 print package prints a normal Robot on the reverse side of the Robot Alpha card - which is incorrect)

In addition to the playtest package update, the Rules Booklet PDF has also been updated and is available for download (323kb).