25 to Dice is a Roll & Write game for 1 or more players (both Co-operative Mode and Competitive Mode variants provided for multiplayer rules). Your objective is to avoid being captured by guards and escape prison by leading at least 4 inmates to freedom before the shift changes and time runs out. The game ends in one of three ways: 1) when 4 inmates successfully escape; 2) when 3 inmates get captured; or 3) when you run out of time at the end of the 15th round.

25 to Dice was created and submitted for the 2017 GenCan't Roll & Write Contest. You can also download 25 to Dice and many of the other submissions from #GenCantRnW - Games for All page.

1 or more
Playing Time:
10 minutes

1 set of rules
Printable solo/co-operative and competitive boards.

1 Pencil + Eraser
6 standard 6-sided dice (8 recommended)


Each round consists of 2 phases, the first is the Guards Move, then the Inmates Move. During the Inmates Move, your goal is to move at least 4 of your Inmates across the board from their cell at the bottom to one of the 6 exits at the top without being caught by either Guard. Inmates are moved by rolling 6 dice, and spending each die to move an Inmate to an adjacent square with a matching number.

During the Guards Move, 1 die is rolled for each guard and the guard moves along their marked patrol path to the next square with the same number. If a Guard crosses or enters a square that an Inmate has previously passed through, they leave their patrol path and being following the path left by the Inmate. If the Guard catches up to the Inmate before they are able to escape, they are captured.

The game ends when: 1) 4 inmates successfully escape; 2) 3 inmates get captured; or 3) you run out of time at the end of the 15th round.