Flipped Off! Playtest Release 4 Now Available & Updated Rules

Playtest Release 4 is now available to all registered playtesters. Release 4 includes the following changes:

  • Adjusted text font on cards to improve legibility.
  • Significantly expanded instructions - adding Beginner Rules + Advanced Rules, graphical instructions, and expanded explanations - increasing booklet size from 8 pages to 16.
  • Modified Robot text to clarify between 'flipped' and 'triggered' when determining damage/healing.
  • Changed Robot heal mechanic to be "heal 1 damage for each Frontline Robot you own." and decoupled from number of flips. Simplified text of Robot damage mechanic.
  • Fix corner graphic on action cards.

In addition to the playtest package update, the Rules Booklet PDF has also been updated and is available for download (1.15mb).