Flipped Off! Playtest

We are proud to announce that we are accepting applicants to playtest our newest card game Flipped Off!

Flipped Off is a tactical card game where you play a plotting Mastermind aiming to defeat your rivals and seize control of the city for yourself. You must manage your Minions - the Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots that do your bidding, play actions that can improve your situation or wreak havoc with your enemies, and use your Minions to launch attacks and hope that your rivals can’t turn the cascade of results to their own advantage.

Apply to become a tester by using our Contact form to send in a request. Accepted testers will be sent a printable PDF copy of the game that can be printed at home, as well as a login to the Playtest Forum where you can be involved in discussing the game, offering suggestions, and sharing your experiences!