Tricorn Games Official Website Launch

An exciting day, this is the official launch of the Tricorn Games website!

Tricorn Games is a company based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and is a developer / publisher of Board Games, Card Games, as well as Mobile and PC Games.

This launch coincides with the announcement of our first official product - Flipped Off! - a tactical card game where you play a plotting Mastermind aiming to defeat your rivals and seize control of the city for yourself. You must manage your Minions - the Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots that do your bidding, play actions that can improve your situation or wreak havoc with your enemies, and use your Minions to launch attacks and hope that your rivals can’t turn the cascade of results to their own advantage.

Flipped Off! is still currently in development. Initial playtesting has been ongoing internally and the first release-candidate artwork has been completed, so we are now expanding into a limited-release playtest.

We are currently accepting applications for playtest groups - if you are interested in being a playtester for Flipped Off! please send us an email using our Contact form. Playtesters will be provided with a printable PDF playtest copy of the game that can be printed at home.

We hope you will join us on this exciting endeavour, and please Like, and Share this site with your friends, and follow our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!