Product Announcement: Go Fish Fitness

Tricorn Games is proud to announce our next game - Go Fish Fitness.

Based around the classic card game rules for Go Fish, Go Fish Fitness is a card game for kids to encourage them to get up, jump around, and add a component of physical exercise to their game in a fun and competitive way. Each card denomination includes a quick physical exercise, players compete to make a match and force their opponents to do the activity.

In addition to exercises, each card includes an animal or a creature so that younger children, and children unable to complete the exercises, can participate by mimicking the shown creature when a match is made.

Go Fish Fitness is based around the same set of cards as a standard deck, and can be incorporated into many other standard card games as well. Keeping fit is about incorporating exercise into everyday life, in ways both big and small, and Go Fish Fitness is a way to introduce a little bit more exercise into a normally passive activity for your kids!

Tricorn Games is happy to announce that we are collaborating with Fredrik Skarstedt to produce the images and design for Go Fish Fitness. Fredrik is an fantastic artist with a fun and whimsical style that connects amazingly well with children.

Visit our Go Fish Fitness page for more information.

Target Release Date: Early-2017