Flipped Off! Now Available

We are proud to announce that Flipped Off! has been released and is now available. The Flipped Off! Print & Play - First Edition is now available at our online store for $1.99 CAD and includes production-quality PDF files and complete instructions for home printing, or using a print service (Print & Play Games).

About the Game
Flipped Off is a tactical card game where you play a plotting Mastermind aiming to defeat your rivals and seize control of the city for yourself. You must manage your Minions - the Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots that do your bidding, play actions that can improve your situation or wreak havoc with your enemies, and use your Minions to launch attacks and hope that your rivals can’t turn the cascade of results to their own advantage.

74 cards (36 action cards, 36 minion cards, 2 regenerate cards)
48 flip/health counters
1 turn marker

2-5 (4 recommended)
Playing Time:
15-20 minutes

Each player has a set of Minion cards that they can use to attack other players, and a set of Action cards in their hand that they can use to affect either their own minions, or other player's minions. The objective of the game is to use your Minions and Actions to attack the other players and reduce their health, until only a single player remains.

A Minion attacks by "flipping" another active Minion on the board. When a Minion is flipped it has an effect - it can deal damage to players, it can heal a player, or it can add flip counters to another Minion. But be careful! Attacking a Minion can cause a chain reaction that is out of your control. Each Minion has 2 different effects written on either side of its card - each time it flips it has a different effect on the game. Minions also have a limited number of flips, once they're spent they are removed from play.

Can you out-think your opponents? Can you take advantage of the Minions on the board in order to come out on top? Eliminate your rivals and seize control of the city. Or at the very least, take all your rivals out with you and have the strongest army of Minions left who can secure the city for your successor.