Mathematic-roll Now Available


Mathematic-roll is a roll & write game about number manipulation and elementary mathematics, perfect for students practicing their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills while also providing the fun and challenging decision making of a classic competitive roll & write! The game plays over 7 rounds where players roll dice and combine the values with simple math operations to fill in sections of a multiplication table.


Players score points by completing rows and columns in the table, and by cleverly using the values they have to make high-value numbers and patterns. Players can also take advantage of special abilities (functions) to manipulate their rolls, and saving rolls for later rounds to build towards crafting more complicated equations and score higher-value numbers.

This game can be played with any number of players at the same time using a single set of dice. Each player will need to have their own pen or pencil and Player Sheet.

For a limited time from Aug 1-4 during GenCan't, Mathematic-roll is available for any amount you want to pay whether than is $0 or if you would like to contribute something more. After Aug 4th, Mathematic-roll will move to our regular store and continue to be available for a small fee and will also be made available for free to teachers and educational institutions.

You will receive an email link to download a printable PDF of the rules and player sheets, to play you will need to provide your own set of 7 polyhedral dice (1 each of the following: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D%) and a pencil.

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