GenCan't Sponsor & 25 to Dice


We are proud to announce that Tricorn Games is helping to sponsor GenCan't, the unconvention for those who can't Gen Con! Visit GenCan't now, play some games, and enter the prize draw to win some amazing prizes including 2 copies of Go Fish Fitness!

We are participating in GenCan't in a number of other ways as well and would love to have you join us. See if you can find our pictures submitted to #GenCantPic on Twitter and retweet/like them. We are also taking part in the Star Realms Tournament (SR account name: zx75) - let us know if you are involved as well, and if not but would like to play a game please feel free to send a challenge!

25 to Dice


This year GenCan't also ran a Roll & Write Contest for new games, where entries had to be a complete Roll & Write Game on 4 pages (2 for rules, 2 for components). Many (40+) of the submissions are now available free for download including the winner Welcome to Dino World - a fantastic game by James O'Conner of Stellaris Games! You can also download our submission for free at 25 to Dice. It was great fun to try something new and create a game with very strict restraints, and we hope that this becomes a recurring event for GenCan't every year!