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About Your Group
How did you learn to play this game? *
Please list a few games that your group participating in this playtest typically enjoy playing together, or if your group doesn't typically play boardgames together, what are some individual favourites?
Game Balance
How would you rate your experience playing this game in the following categories?
Game Length?
Regardless of how long the game actually took to play, how long did the game feel?
Player Interaction?
Player interaction is when the decisions and actions taken by one player affect other players in the game. This can be a direct interaction (an attack) or indirect (by limiting the options available to other players). How did the level of player interaction in the game feel?
Player Downtime?
Downtime is the time a player spends waiting to take their turn while other players are taking their turns. How did the level of downtime feel?
Random Chance?
How did the level of randomness in the game feel?
Player Strategy?
How much did strategy and skill feel like it affected the outcome?
Rules Effectiveness?
If you learned how to play the game from the rules, how effective do you feel the rules were in explaining the game?
Were there any sections that were particularly good or especially bad? Did you have any problems understanding a section or what you were supposed to do?
Overall Impressions
Would you play this game again?
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