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Magical Curiosities

This world is filled with Magical Curiosities both large and small, weak and powerful, wonderous and mundane. One cannot conceive how some of these marvels were envisioned let alone created. Others are so commonplace that no one thinks twice at seeing them used. Here we have attempted to catalog as many such things that we could discover the true nature of, and to organize them by description and purpose be they legendary items out of mythology, or common items that can be found on the streets of every city.

Wonderous Items

Secret Pocket

Wonderous item, uncommon

Also known as a Thieves’ Sleeve, the Secret Pocket is a standard sized pouch (about 7”x7” and holds up to 10lbs) that appears to be empty. Items that are placed into the Secret Pocket are visible until the pocket is closed at which point they disappear.

If opened, the Secret Pocket can be reached into, turned inside-out, and pressed flat while giving every indication that it contains nothing. However, if a password is whispered when it is opened the pouch contains any items that were previously placed in it.

The pouch can only hold and hide items up to its normal size and weight capacity. Items within the pouch will not be hidden if the pouch cannot be closed.

Weight: 1 lb (empty)

Spirit Prism

Wonderous item, uncommon

A Spirit Prism is a faceted glass-like stone that is a translucent milky-gray colour about the size of a chicken egg. They are commonly carried and used by Elven Clerics when handling an unattended birth in order to aid with the genealogical determination of the child.

As an action, the holder of a Sprit Prism may examine a single creature that they can see through the prism and interpret the patterns of colour that pass through it. Doing so grants the holder advantage on any skill checks that they are proficient in or they may add their proficiency bonus to any skill check they are not proficient in for the purposes of identifying the creature, its type/subtype, its race, its abilities, strengths, or vulnerabilities.

Weight: 0.1 lb