Playtest Log #1 - Dueling

That was pretty darn cool. Dueling with another player works better than I had hoped!

The 1v1 experience is the latest item accomplished on my playtesting bucket-list, playing against another player familiar enough with the game to see how combos work and have a good grasp of the mechanics to be clever at it. And it went even better than I could have hoped for.

This was the first set of duels played with the newly printed production-quality decks, and playing with these new decks is SO much better. It is easy to identify different Minion types at a glance, and it is a lot easier to see which side is currently face-up. The Ninjas and Robots are the easiest because of the colour-coded text, and Pirates are a bit harder – I might still need to tweak that a bit.

The final result was 1-1, the first game over almost before it began, but the second was a true battle. For a complete synopsis - check out the Playtest Report in the forum.

Overall, I am thrilled at how well that worked, and I look forward to more dueling in the future!